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I am Brad Forrest, a.k.a Wood By Forrest. I make all of the shotrocks by hand using a lathe. I pick out the finest wood available. Each Shot Rock© has its own unique character, no two are exactly alike. One of my shot rocks was recently airied on CNBC> after an Olympic curling event in Sochi.

These make great gifts for curling enthusiasts and for those whom host parties. Your Shot Rock© will be the center piece of conversation.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a pleasant shopping experience.

 Right click on the video and then click on Play.

Check out how I split a shotrock in half on YouTube.

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     You will receive 8 of these Custom Shot Glasses with each order.


    Tray Options: Purpleheart and Bloodwood

     This is the Purpleheart Tray

     This is the Bloodwood Tray.



    Brought to you by Wood By Forrest